02/23/17 Jazz Fest
This news package was about a booth operated the VTD (Virtual Technology and Design) department during The University Idaho's Jazz Fest. The booth was about virtual reality and was rather fun to shoot. 
01/21/17 Women's March 
I covered the woman's march in Moscow, Idaho. It was quite the momentous occasion and I was glad to have covered it. The challenge was just keeping up with the march so I got quite the workout that day. 
11/11/16 Idaho Against Hate
This was rally that was hosted in downtown Moscow, Idaho after the 2016 election. 
10/9/16 Darwin's Demons
In this news package I produced, I covered a small game company that is run by students and faculty. Their game was very fun and is even sold on steam. 
10/9/16 Vandal Overnight Gaming 
I covered The University of Idaho's annual gaming night which was loud and fun. 
09/30/16 Chili Feed 
I covered a chili feed during The University of Idaho's home coming week. 
09/29/16 Food Drive
This is was my first news package I produced it was a real learning experience.

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